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Each piece is hand made! We are not a factory and have no desire to become one. We pick out the best stones & combine them with the best materials to make a piece you will love and will last.

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we got you!

Our main goal is to give you a piece of jewelry you will love and cherish. We want you to get compliments galore & share with your friends the little gem of a place that you've found in LA DE DA!


we live it!

We work hard- of course we love what we do!  But we strive to wake up each day with a carefree attitude, kindness in our hearts & embracing the simple things of each day.  The LA DE DA life!

We travel to find our stones. We choose the most spectacular stones & combine them in unique ways to give you that piece you fall in love with.  We want our jewelry to be right there with you on your life adventure.

Happily happily......

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Herberg!  And our big family of boys-5 big boys!  Thank you for being patient with us while we were away for our wedding.  It was an absolutely magical time.  And now we're ready to get back to work- Look for new stuff on the site soon!!!!

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