The Art of Handmade....

I recently surprised a good friend when I told her I had made the leaves to a new piece for Spring. And in turn I was quite surprised. She is a La De Da junkie, she buys it like crazy and being a good friend, she gets gifts for all major holidays and birthdays! She has spent countless hours visiting with me in my studio while I work! She has watched me work! So I was kind of shocked really, when she said "you made those leaves?- wow!" Well of course I made them- my jewelry is hand made! Hmmmmm- what did this mean? Did she think they looked store bought? Or cheap like they came from another country? Or was she impressed with my skills, constant creativity and for challenging myself? Well being a half glass full kinda gal I chose to believe the latter! And as luck would have it, I was right! I asked her why she was so surprised..... Her answer was perfect, "I'm just amazed at how you're always coming up with something new and turning it into amazing jewelry- can I buy this one?"

Being hand made puts you in a completely different category. You put a massive amount of time and energy, sometimes into making just one piece. Some people will never understand the value of a hand made piece of jewelry. The pieces I make are a reflection of me, and I love each one of them. It thrills me to no end when people appreciate what I do and want to have a piece of their own. You have no idea what an incredible feeling it is to see someone wearing my jewelry! It's what keeps me going, to always push myself to see what I can come up with next! And to hopefully shock even my best of friends!
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