The Studio: Where it all happens!


The Studio in Garden City is our fabulous creative space & becoming, more and more,  a gathering place!  I get asked all the time how long I've had my studio.... Well I've always had a "studio", whether it was in my house, my garage, or a folding table wherever I could find a spot.  I've always needed a space for my creative endeavors. But now we have landed in the up and coming LIVE.WORK.CREATE District in Garden City. It's an extension of downtown Boise and conveniently located along the Green Belt.  


Our studio has become a space for so much more than creating.  We have 900+ square feet of "glorified garage", as I like to call it.   Out of the 900 square feet, I have a corner I use for making jewelry.  The rest of the square footage is used for all sorts of things!

The pic above is from right after the work bench was built and so, looks completely clean and organized.  I can tell you that was the only time it's looked like that!  I prefer organized chaos, I guess.

So with all that extra space we've taken on  a few more projects!  During our off time we usually have one of our 2 airstreams in the space.  We are working on both- upgrading each of them.  It's been a blast, an obsession really!  We took a hiatus after getting overwhelmed with the airstream bathroom remodel.  But we will soon be back at it trying to finish! 

The airstream bedroom (above) redone with a retro 70's fabric while keeping the integrity of the original 1970 design. Behind the double doors is the bathroom that we gutted and then it got the better of us..... but we will tackle it soon!  It's going to be amazing- but that is an entirely new blog of its own!

So back to our awesome space...throughout the year we love inviting other artists to join us for special events!  We have always had a Spring Show and a Holiday Show, which are great fun with amazing talent.  But not wanting the space to go to waste we've been trying to do MORE!  

Recently we collaborated with a local stylist, Heather Schwabe of Style Therapy and Red Aspen Lashes- a local false eyelash company for a Gals Night Out.  Of course we want every experience at the studio to be a good one so we go all out with yummy food and delicious beverages! 😉 

Before Christmas we turned the entire studio into a POP-UP shop for local artists! It was a great experience and quite successful for our first time!  

As soon as the weather starts to warm up (Spring) we will be open for First Fridays in the LIVE.WORK.CREATE District. (a 5 block radius between 32nd & 37th streets in Garden City). Last year was our first year and we introduced all kinds of people to our unique district.  There are roughly 30 artists studios that are open to the public on these first Fridays.  Grab your bike and come on down!  Not only are there amazing open studios but wineries, breweries and awesome little pubs like the Yardarm!  First Fridays are a blast in the G.C.

Something new we are toying with, classes.  I'd love to know what type of classes interest you.  There is so much we could offer at the studio-  Let us know!

Definitely stop by for one of our special events.  We don't have regular "open" hours at the studio, but we are there a lot! Watch for upcoming emails to see all the fun stuff we have going on or check our Facebook page, Instagram or our Website.




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